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Improve your alpha and risk management, and utlimately, client retention.  Gain instant credibility with our precision approach.  Let us help you impress.


Quantify your risk and reward potential with accuracy you didn't know was possible.  Our exclusive model is based on first-principles, is deterministic, and hence not prone to the problems associated with value-at-risk and auto-correlation/auto-regression methods. 


Featuring the only streaming market-based GDP forecasts, we employ 21st century economics.  This is precision econometrics, based on deterministic models, not fuzzy statistical methods.  Judge risk and opportunity with pin-point accuracy.


Mike Sandifer, Founder

Mike is a former Merrill Lynch stockbroker with over 20 years of investment experience and several years developing financial economic models.  

His unique approach to modeling, begins with shocks in which extraneous variables are effectively held constant, isolating variables of interest.  This is in contrast to beginning with statistical econometrics and first trying to model entire time series, which tends to obscure relationships among variables. 

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